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Small Systems 20 bar

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Setting the timer parameters for all  "tropic" and "exotic" models

Setting the Timer-Parameters for "tropic" and "exotic"

By means of a potentiometer for the duration of the fogging time and two jumpers (J3 and J5), which are situated below the cover you can set 4 different operating modes.

The fogging time can be set from minimal 2 seconds up to maximal 120 seconds.

Because of the spray water safe cover IP65 the settings cannot be done immediately - you have to remove the transparent cover to access the potentiometer.
Take a screwdriver and turn the 4 screws for half a turn in any direction - the lid will then come off.

Reverse the operations after setting / resetting the fogging times .

Setting the operation mode with the jumper settings

The settings upon delivery of the standard versions of "tropic" and "exotic" both jumpers are in the position OPEN - which means a periodic repetition of "fog - interval - fog - interval ..." as long as the device is connected to current mains with an adjustable fogging time of 2 - 120 second with 60 seconds interval.

The jumpers are located below the lid with the label PLANTFOG.

  • Important ! unplug the system !
  • remove the transparent cover
  • remove the knob of the potentiometer
  • release the screws of the lid
  • remove the lid

besides the potentiometer 2 small jumpers can be seen
J3 - red, J5 - black

J3  controls fogging- and interval-times:

  • J3 open - fogging time 2 to 120 seconds,
    interval 60 seconds (fixed)
  • J3 closed - fogging time 2 to 60 seconds
    interval 120 seconds (fixed)

J5  controls the interval-mode:

  • J5 open - periodic interval repetition
    as long as current is on
  • J5 closed - impulse operation: for each current switch-on only a single fogging cycle is performed

By repositioning the jumpers you can set the desired combination of interval- or impulse-operation and the timing of the interval operation. You have 4 options altogether.

Pull a jumper with tweezers vertically upwards and insert it in the desired position.

Display of operations modes:

  • continuous light of the red LED - Pump works
  • blinking red LED every 3 seconds - current break in interval mode
  • blinking red LED each second - waiting for impulse mode

download document as PDF

Setting the timer parameters for all  "tropic" and "exotic" models

Small Systems 20 bar

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