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Training-Garden Kagran
Donizettiweg, 1220 Vienna

Propagation House

Tropical House

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Plant Propagation Ing. Josef Schneider

Ing. Josef Schneider - 4 Systems for Propagation

Ranseredt 45
                   A-4773 Eggerding
                    Tel. +43 / 0 7767 / 515
                  Fax. +43 / 07767 / 516 14
                    Mobil: 0676 / 6376785

Information (in German):
Gärtnermeister Hr. Walter Schlögelmann
Tel. +43-676-354 88 95

The propagation nursery Schneider installed the first Plantfog-System in their first location in 1988. Following the move to a new location the system was refurbished 1997 and considerably extended due to the high performance so far.

A substantial part of the realization of this extensive project was the financing
by means of a 5-year lease-contract without interference of a bank.
The investments of the customer could be realized with initial and financial initiatives of Plantfog

Basis of the propagation is a tunnel - 110 m long and 12 m wide - which is fitted with a rolling-table-system by Otte.
More information about this system can be found at

The tunnel is divided in the long axis into three zones which are dedicated to the progress of root formation :

  • Rooting Zone
  • Growing Zone
  • Hardening Zone

After manual planting of the cuttings in basins some 5 m wide two of these basins are inserted into the tunnel und are moved during a timeframe of some 10days through the three fogging zones. Afterwards they are moved back to the start in another 10 days.

When the basins complete the propagation cycle the rooted cutting will be packaged and delivered, the basins are cleaned, set with cutting and the cycle starts anew.

Technical Data:

  • Four independent fogging systems
  • Control Box Plantfog „profi-plus“
  • 2 High-Pressure Pumps each delivering 23 lit/min
  • total electrical energy 2 x 3 kW, 400V
  • altogether some 450 fogging nozzles Type A-250 (4.6 lit/hr @ 60 bar) and
    K1-200 (3.5 lit/hr @ 60 bar)

High Pressure Pumps for all 4 fogging systems

Control Boxes for the 4 independent fogging systems

Rooting Zone

Hardening Zone

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MAYER Pflanzen, Salzburg

The nursery Mayer run 2 propagation houses with a total groundspace of more than 1.200 m²
with 2 main pumps, 1 standby pump and 3 control circuits.
Controlled by Plantfog Standard control boxes, fogging with nozzles Type K1-200 and A-250 - some 4,5 m² / nozzle.
The system was set up 1992 and has been refurbished and extended several times.

View into one of the propagation houses

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Antlantic Blue - Blueberries
Huelva, Southern Spain

based on the experience with propagation of cuttings of blueberries under fog (Institute for Fruit Trees, University Hannover, Prof. Dr. Spethmann) at Sarstedt, Mr. Ulf Hayler and Mr. Antonio Ruix-Marti began in 1995 in Huelva southwest of Sevilla with propagation and culture of blueberries.

Huelva is the largest harvest area of Europe for early Strawberries which can here be harvested beginning with February and are distributed throughout Europe.
New breeds of blueberries with exceptionally large berries were largely unknown, even if there was quite a marked not only in Spain.

Following some information exchange in Hannover Plantfog delivered the first system in 1995 for a 5-aisle house with some 1.500 m² operating floor surface; this system, however, was designed in a way that later extensions or modifications could be performed without problems.
To reduce the rather high summer temperatures in the Huelva-area a cooling function was provided in addition.

View of the 5-aisle propagation block

1997 the plant extent was doubled due to the enormous success, 2003 following a relocation of the company into the vicinity of the renowned pilgrimage site at El Rocio it was again extended.
Further extensions due to the next years are in a planning stage.
The components of the first system (installed 1995) are still in operation without any changes - which is a record for the technical manager of the plant, however also for the quality of our components and of the basic philosophy principles to deliver operating instructions in any case in the local language without additional cost !

Atlantic Blue possesses today several patented strains of blueberries and sells - besides the fruit - mainly rooted cuttings to provide the marketplace with this wonderful fruit.

One aisle of the propagation block for blueberries extent is 8 x 4 m
forced ventilation with 2 Euroemme-fans at the front
Control by means of an (extensible) Plantfog Controlbox, 1 control loop

Information in German or Spanish :
Hr. Ulf Hayler, Tel. 0034 - 609 -156 022

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Federal Nursery Sachsenforst Pirna
(OT Graupa) near Dresden, Germany

New Research Glasshouse in 2011

The high-pressure fogging plant by Plantfog is dedicated for two main functions :
Firstly the large volume (12 x 28 m) is to be humidified and adiabatically cooled, secondly six propagation cabinets for rooting and propagation are provided with fogging nozzles which are controlled individually.
The whole plant is controlled by a greenhouse-computer from Hempel & Rülcker.

left : cabinet with high-pressure aggregates










Some technical details:

    • HP-Pump Type CAT-240 with low r.p.m.  E-Motor 1.1 kW
    • 68 fogging nozzles type K-200 for cooling in the central area, 4 nozzles K-150 in the cabinets.
    • operating pressure ca. 65 bar
    • plant guarantee 4 years, Plantfog-Nozzle-Guarantee 15 years (!)

Situation in the main area shortly after switching the plant on.
some 20 seconds later the fog had swallowed the people ….

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Saxonian Institution for Environment, Agriculture and Geology, Pillnitz

For research and experiments in rooting of shrubs and fruit tree cuttings the Saxonian Institution also received a high-pressure fogging plant by Plantfog - following the recommendations of Prof. Dr. Spethmann (University Hannover), and the institutions of pomiculture in Sarstedt (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Atlantic-Blue, Blueberry-Cultures in Almonte (Sevilla, Spain) .

This picture, taken some 20 sec after switching the fog on shows the extremely dense and fine fog which fulfils easily the so called "Smokers Test" (see below).

Remark : if it is possible to smoke unhindered a cigarette in a fog with 2-3 m visibility this fog is ideal for any type of rooting cutting - even for the rather problematic vegetative propagation of fruit trees, Spruce or oak ...

Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems



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