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Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems


Fam. Kadlez - Lanzendorf, Lower Austria

Starting points of the design ideas of the Kadletz family was an open
terrace in front of their house which was covered for round the year use
with a wooden wintergarden constructed by a specialist  who created a wonderful extension of the living room.







The wintergarden is planted with a lot of tropical and subtropical plants which got - due to the internal climate, especially during the warm season - much too dry. To relieve this stress on the plants a Plantfog-System has been installed with all nozzles pointing directly into the plants and the planted areas, so that the plants receive enough moisture and additional evaporative cooling whereas the living area with its furniture will never receive any direct humidification.

The system consists of a Profi-plus-pump controlled by a  Profi-plus-control box.... the distribution of pressurized water at a pressure of 20 bar [285 psi] is accomplished with the proven nylon hoses and fittings of the "tropic" system,  which feeds altogether 14 K-100 nozzles.

Fam. Söhnel - Burgenland

Amateur-glasshouse for orchids and other tropical plants
Humidification with a "profi-plus" System

Hochdruckpumpe und Steuerung
High pressure pump and control box during setup

Gewächshaus ohne Nebel
Glasshouse with orchids - BEFORE fogging

Gewächshaus bis zur Sättigung benebelt
Glasshouse DURING fogging

Manfred Schmucker
Klosterneuburg - Kierling

A standard glasshouse 3 x 8 m ground area and an entry area for keeping

  • warm cultivated orchids
  • temperate cloud-forest orchids
  • Cacti and Xerophytes
    [ in the entrance area which is NOT humidified ]

Humidification is done with a standard-HD-Pump with 20 fogging nozzles K-200 which are mounted on stainless steel tubing. The water is drawn from a rainwater cistern which is being constantly circulated and filtered. This is done to aerate the water and to remove suspended particles which could clog up the nozzle filters.

The glasshouse is visited regularly but not daily - therefore the fogging system has to take over also the duty to perform regular watering functions, mainly in the warm season. This is provided by a so called Watering Option which will produce fog for a preset time at each time the fogging system is switched on. This means the fogging will continue well over the saturation point and wet all plants and their substrates. This Watering Option can however not replace completely the manual watering, the intervals are however much longer (during Winter some 7 to 10 days !)

By means of the very flexible setting provided by the "profi-plus" control box it is really easy to reset the control parameters so that they fit to the varying climate across the orchid-year.

The basic setting of the controls are as follows:

  • for a thorough wetting in the morning the plant is switched on as 6:00 a.m. which provides the preset watering + fogging time of humidification.
  • until 11:00 a.m. the system is switched off to let everything dry off a little - orchids need some stress to keep healthy !
  • at 11:00 a.m. the system is again switched on (watering + fogging time) and now will run until 6 p.m. with Interval-Automatic - which means that the system will check in preset intervals whether the humidity is high enough and will fog for a preset (shorter) time if it is too low
  • at 8:00 p.m. it will go live again and will water all plants as in the morning
  • in addition there are altogether 6 fans running 24 hours a day !

a more detailed description of the cultural regime can be found at
=> My private Cloud Forest"

The humidification - and therefore also the cooling function works so well that even Draculas stand afternoon temperatures up to 30° C without any problems and bloom during summer !

Edgar MüllerBuena - Vista del Norte, Tenerife

Along a  7 m high cliff a private conservatory with an area of 22 x 30 m has been constructed.
The fogging systems is used mainly during the hot season to humidify and cool the space inside
the conservatory and used nozzles of type K1-200.
This is a custom made system which has been extended several times and runs since 1992.

two views into the conservatory which is also used as a living space

Information (in German) from : Mr. Edgar Müller,
Camino de la Playa, E-38480 Buena Vista del Norte
Tel & Fax - 0034-22-127 140

Dr. Ruzicka - Engelhartstetten near Hainburg, Lower Austria
Glasshouse for Orchids and Tropical Plants

to humidify and water the plants during absences of their owner
"tropic" is employed feeding 6 fogging nozzles;
the nozzles are fastened to the rafters and pointed towards the plants

"tropic" fogging system with switching clock, water tank and pressure hose

Fam. Weinhandl -
Wintergarden with muffled High-Pressure Pump

View into the wintergarden which is directly adjacent to the living room; this was the reason to provide additional
sound insulation for the pump [which by itself is not very noisy]

The complete pump-aggregate of a standard fogging system
is enclosed in a muffler box; this provides an almost soundless
operation which cannot be observed in the adjacent living room.


Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems



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