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New Botanical garden in Ljubljana, Slovenia

As an anniversary date is approaching the old conservatory which already was a little run-down is being replaced by a new, larger building.

The new house during construction with artificial lake and creek

The new house during startup of the fogging systems, however still without plants

Based on the success with Plantfog systems in the glasshouses of the University Ljubljana (Institute for Pomiculture, Prof. Dr. Osterc) the Botanical Garden explicitly ordered a humidification-system by Plantfog.

The system was designed for a basic humidity of 85% rH in the conservatory, the lake was furnished with an additional fogging system for dramatic effects.

The system is controlled by means of a glasshouse-computer, the effects on the lake can be controlled individually and manually to adapt it to the number of visitors.


The water-softening plant feeding the fogging system is designed as an ion-exchange-system with a capacity to provide water with an ideal hardness not only for the conservatory but also for the surrounding areas.


above: It will take a little while until the vegetation will look like in the "old" house ...

below : the "old" Conservatory with its vegetation looking like a real jungle

Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems
Universities & Research Institutions



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