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Botanical Gardens and Collections

Botanical Garden of the
University of Vienna

Mechelgasse - 1030 Vienna

The conservatories of the Botanical garden of the University of Vienna contain mainly scientific collections with a focus on

  • tropical trees
  • Bromeliaceae (Bromelias and Tillandsias)
  • Orchids with a focus on the genus Bulbophyllum and genera from Madagascar

More information from  :

Part view of the conservatories of the Botanical Garden

Three fogging systems type "profi-plus" for different application profiles have been installed in the conservatories -

  • tropical open house - 1 control circuit with 30 nozzles
  • 2 large glasshouses (warm and temperate) for tropical plants
    with 2 independent control circuits and 2 x 20 nozzles
  • Orchid- and Bromeliaceae houses with five ranges of temperature for Orchids and Bromelias with 5 independent control circuits and altogether 80 nozzles

For each of the control circuits the operating hours can be  set individually - according to season - with electric clock-switches (smallest uptime 15 minutes;
in the uptimes the humidification is controlled by a
Precision Hygrostat according to current setting.


 Water Treatment :

Mainly for the "grey Tillandsias" which are extremely sensitive and for better fogging a water treatment plant has been installed which uses the high quality tap-water available in Vienna for partial remixing to provide constant water quality.


Fogging System :

High Pressure Pump which feeds 5 independent circuits in the orchid- and bromelia houses.

Feeder Water is taken from the central water treatment plant


Control box with 5 independent circuits - each with its own master clock

Each of the 5 circuits is provided with an automatic release valve which opens upon pump-switchoff thereby preventing any undesired follow-up spraying of the nozzles.

Due to construction specifics the high pressure piping and the nozzles had to be installed very low; the nozzles are directed 45° upwards - the hovering fog will be distributed by fans throughout the conservatory
the humidification of the floor provided additional cooling during the warm season

Interior view of the warmhouse for orchids during fogging


Interior view of the coldhouse for orchids and bromelias

Botanical Garden - University Graz

The fogging system for the newly installed public houses in the
Botanical Garden in Graz is probably one of the most sophisticated
and up to date plant all over Europe.

5 High pressure pumps (one in standby) feed eleven independent fogging systems;
all control circuits can be monitored and readjusted either from the central
computer of the central control station as well as by means of the
plantfog boxes under control of the garden manager.

Each nozzle line can be switched off by remote control which supports
individual regimes for winter- and summer-operation.

A total of more than 250 nozzles type A-250
setup during 1995

Information from the garden manager - Mr. Gigerl
Tel: +43 - 316 - 380 - 5651

Palmenhaus Schönbrunn

The conservatory was ordered by Emperor Franz Josef I. in 1882 and was constructed by Franz Xaver Segenschmid in the style of contemporary English Glass-Steel Architecture. It is the largest of its kind in continental Europe - total length 112 m, width 28 m, central part 25 m high.
The building used 600 tons of steel and 120 tons of cast iron.
In three climate zones mediterranean, tropical and subtropical plants are kept.

In February 1945 the renowned Palmenhaus was hit by a bomb during an air-raid on Vienna.
From 1948 to 1952 is was repaired as good as possible, however it remained closed to the public due to safety reasons for water- and rust-damages.1968 a general repair was undertaken, which replaced for instance the old double glazing by contemporary glazing with isolating glass panes.
1988 the Plantfog-systems for all three climate zones were installed.
The fogging systems are still - after 15 years of constant use ! - in their original configuration.


For each of the three climate zones "cold", "temperate" and "warm" an autonomous fogging system is installed on the galleries of the conservatory. The nozzles are virtually invisible and humidify the atmosphere very effective without dripping onto the many visitors on the ground level.

Fogging system in operation in one of the side wings the pressure lines are mounted in the rooftop.

Information from the Garden Manager, Mr. Tichy
Tel: +43 - 664 - 81 98 303


New University Salzburg - Open Collections

Aerial view of the building complex of the University Salzburg before completion
during 1984 - the conservatory housing the public collections are integrated into the building front
Info : Neue Universität Salzburg, Head Gardener Kundrath, Hellbrunner Straße 34
A-5020 Salzburg, Tel 0662-8044-0


Flower-Gardens of the City of Vienna - Palmhouse

The "Flower Gardens" of the City of Vienna are an extensive municipal nursery which provides - among many other tasks - all flowers and ornamental plants for public spaces in the City of Vienna and also for decorations for public
and municipal festivities.
The large showhouse has been refurbished and renovated in toto a short while ago and displays in the main area a tropical landscape where birds and monkeys are living in the free.
In a side-wing a mediterranean landscape with subtropical and xerophytic plants is also open for visiting.

As the very large glass-front would heat up the display space too much during the warm season all three compartments of the house have fogging plants installed which create ideal climatic profiles for the plants and visitors.

Fogging in the "Mediterranean Compartment"

Info from Mr. Johann Maierhofer
Tel : +43 - 1- 280 76 310

... read more about the Vienna Flower Gardens and their attractions ...


Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems
Universities & Research Institutions



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