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Stage Effects for "Don Giovanni" - Schönbrunn 1994

Vienna Chamber Opera - Open Air performance in the historic gardens of Schönbrunn Castle
with the "Roman Ruins" an natural background

Scene in the Cemetery

Don Giovanni - the Comptur make his appearance

Don Giovanni - Finale

The usually applied stage-fog (e.g. at rock-concerts) is not compatible with the voices of
opera singers, so the director and set-decorator decided to create dramatic lighting effects
by means of backlighted fog.
For this purpose a mobile high-pressure aggregate feeding 80 nozzles was installed and
the effects director got 6 individually controllable fogging lines which could be controlled
from the directors desk.

Stage Effects for "The Magic Flute"
Schönbrunn - Roman Ruins 1994

During the festival „Mozart in Schönbrunn" everybody kept on despite rain and storm. Nothing could prevent the opening of the new version of Robert Herzl of Mozarts opera „The Magic Flute". Also the audience kept to their seats - three hours , no interval.  Although with watertight clothes and with umbrellas.

Papageno in voller Fahrt ...

Papageno in full Speed

Indestructible : the performers - even during sudden downpours they kept on, more delicate reactions from the musicians. Twice the orchestra had to be covered up to save instruments in danger.
During fair summer evenings it will display its full charm. Because Robert Herzl and Pantelis Dessyllas, a Jack-of-all-Trades, who transformed the artificial baroque "Roman Ruin" to a realm full of surprises. Starlight, galleries of fire and water,
steaming abysses and subterrean labyrinths appear between the old trees in the park of Schönbrunn Castle.
Mozart together with fire-wizard Herzl integrates the historic architecture into the play and creates an aura of fairytales around the characters.
Johannes Wildner a perfect Mozart-conductor, the young singers a balanced team. "Der Hölle Rache brennt in meinem Herzen..."
Simon Yangs as mighty Sarastro, Marc Lear a reliable Tamino, the Papageno of Hans Peter a joy.
Yelda Kodalli masters fearlessly the two difficult arias of the Nightly Queen and Ildiko Raimondi a sympathetic Pamina, Birgit Steinberger a funny Papagena, Manuel von Senden a serious Monostatos.

"Königin der Nacht" Yelda Kodalli & "Tamino" Marc Clear
Karlheinz Roschitz

Text & Picture : Neue Kronenzeitung


Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems



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