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“Art in Public Spaces”

„art drive in“ in the new Spa in Meran, Southern Tyrol

Following an extraordinary idea of the project manager for the new spa in Meran, Arch. Dr. Verena Unterberger, 7 renowned artists were invited to create art installations for the five levels of the parking space as well as for the stair wells.

For level +2 Mag. Art. Margit Klammer designed a wall of Corten-Steel (artfully rusting steel) with a continuous gap which should be illuminated deeply blue from within and should emit aromatic fog.

Margit Klammer, an internationally renowned artist was born in Innichen , studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and lives today in Meran.
She is married with the architect Wolfram H. Pardatscher.



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The most widely known works are for instance the projects done for the gardens of Trauttmansdorff - Castle in Meran; 5 pavillons, the entrance to the grotto and the Voliere, the Corporate Design for the South Tyrol Road Services, the project „Earth, Water, Light“ in the Agricultural College, Baumgarten Castle.
She has won many international rewards, for instance Contemporary Ceramics 3rd price of the Vienna Stove Fitters (1984), Easter Prize for Ceramics Berlin (1983), 2nd price for design of the hospital chapel Meran in cooperation with W. Pardatscher (1992), 1st prize for Corporate Design for the South Tyrol Road Services, also with Arch. Pardatscher (in 2000)...
more details can be viewed on her personal website.

During the first talks the artistic objectives were very clear, however during the planning phase some doubts arouse on the possibilities of realization. The available space between the wall and the artwork was to be very narrow and the seeping out of the fog across the whole length of the wall seemed to be very difficult.

To avoid any bad surprises on site we created during the project phase a wall simulation to test all possible configurations of nozzle positions and fog-streams. As the time schedule was very tight we sacrificed several nights to this tasks which could finally brought to a very satisfying result.

Experiences from this prototyping and some innovative ideas of our general manager Ing. Manfred Dolejsi finally created a piece of artwork which was admired by all visitors -

"Panta Rhei"

[ "everything flows" - Heraclit ]

pictures by Georg Hofer - Meran

    Some technical data :

  • 34 fogging nozzles type Plantfog K1-200 and A-250
  • operating pressure 80 bar
  • fogging is triggered by movement-sensors in the parking space
  • automatic shutoff in case of frost (cannot be outruled here)
  • automatic aromatization of the feeder water


Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems
Art & Architecture


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