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Plant Research and Propagation in Cyprus

The 16 fogging systems which Plantfog could set up during the last 12 years in Cyprus are all located in propagation nurseries. All are used for vegetative propagation of ornamental plants, trees, olive trees and cypress trees for government reforestation projects. Also refer to Horticulture – Nurseries.

The fogging plants are all fitted with forced ventilation for Glasshouse Cooling which provided an additional benefit to extend the main period of propagation far into Summer, when formerly any vegetative propagation was impossible due to the high temperature in excess of 40°C). Following the relatively moderate investments were increased yields with decreased work and much increased quality compared to the formerly possible propagation period during Spring where temperatures are moderate and not much light is available.

Athalassa Forest Department

As forest fires destroy many acres of forest every year the main task of the Forest Department is the propagation of cuttings of cypress and other forest trees to compensate for the inevitable losses.

At the same time the department also provides a central information desk for all horticultural enterprises for problems in technology and methodology of propagation.

The managing garden director, Mr. Glafkos Kiriakou developed for instance totally new procedures to root olive cuttings under fogging with extremely high yield and low dropout quotas.

Mr. Glafkos Kiriakou with rooted Olive Cuttings
Information in English and Greek :
Tel. 00357 – 99 – 48 53 93  or by



Some references of nurseries:

Large Garden-Center being owned and run by the renowned Kykko-Monastery
00357-99-69 69 96

Meristem Cultures Polyriza (Nicosia)
In-vitro propagation of strawberries - mainly for export to the Near East

Christos Georgiades (Laxiá)
propagation of roses and other ornamental plants
English and Greek
00357-99-63 54 74

propagation of ornamental plants

Andreas Panayiotou (Kouklia)

Kokos Tsimouris (Paphos)

Christakis Iakovou (Paphos)

Georgios Charalambos (Akhélia)

Christankis Kanaris (Kouklia)

Nikos Nikolao (Kophinou)

Sokrates Mytilineo (Paphos)

Gardencenter Yannakis (Limassol)

Gardencenter Philippos (Nicosia)

Gardencenter Petros (Limassol)

Pater Adamanios - Manager of the Kykko Garden Center 

Customer Profiles High Pressure Systems
Universities & Research Institutions



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