Plantfog Humidification-Technology - 20 to 60 bar

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60-bar High Pressure Systems

Applications for commercial horticulture, propagation in agriculture and forestry, adiabatic cooling, industrial applications,
dust binding and many more ...

For systems with more than 25 fogging nozzles

20-bar Low Pressure Systems

For applications in terrariums, orchidariums, small glasshouses and wintergardens up to 30m.
As educational material, for small scale experiments in research & development...

For systems with up to 25 fogging nozzles

Adiabatic Cooling Systems

- Condensor Cooling Systems
- Outdoor Cooling
- Increasing the Cooling Performance
  of Climate Boxes
- Cost effectivity Estimations


  • System Components
  • Fogging Nozzles
  • Tubes and Hoses
  • Fittings
  • Measuring and Control
  • Fans and Ventilators
  • Controls

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Customer Profiles High Pressure

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Customer Profiles Low Pressure

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The Physics of Humidification


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